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How To Measure For A Penis Sleeve

RX Sleeve proudly offers an excellent solution for men struggling with ED. Don’t miss out on intimacy any longer. Find a realistic penis sleeve that will change the narrative in your sheets for the better. Want to learn how to measure for a penis sleeve? Follow these easy steps or read on below.

To measure for a penis sleeve, first make sure you have the right tools. You can use a soft or flexible tape measure, or if you don’t have one, use a piece of string (or a shoelace) and a ruler to get your measurements.

Measure Penis SleeveTo measure your girth with a flexible tape measure, you’ll simply take the tape measure and wrap it around the circumference of your penis. For the most accurate measurement, this should be done right around mid-shaft. Using the tape measure to figure out the length of your penis is just as easy! Simply use the tape and measure from the base to the tip of your penis.

If you’re using a string and a ruler to measure for a penis sleeve, follow the same steps above using the string instead of a tape measure. To measure your girth with a string and ruler, start with one end of the string and wrap it around the shaft of your penis. For the most accurate measurement, try not to wrap it too tightly. Using your thumb, pinch off the string to indicate where the ends start to overlap. Then, stretch the string from the end you started with through the point you pinched off along the ruler. This measurement will be the girth of your penis.

To measure the length of your penis using this method, you can always ditch the string and simply measure your penis length with the ruler.

Keep in mind, if you are ordering a sleeve in the ‘soft’ material, you may want to order a girth hole smaller than your actual measurement to ensure a more snug fit. See the chart below for more information on the perfect RX Sleeve hole size to order based on your personal measurements!

The Chart below can help determine a Hole Girth that works


If you Measured penis girth is 5″

Hole Girth of 4.5″, 4.75″ or 5.0″  – IN SOFT would work.

Hole Girth of  5.0″ would work – IN FIRM would work.


Happy times in the bedroom are ahead of you! Contact the friendly staff at RX Sleeve if you have any questions or concerns.

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